Peerwallet Consumer Protection

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Peerwallet Consumer Protection / Safeguarding Policy

At Peerwallet, the security and protection of our users are of utmost importance. We have implemented a comprehensive Consumer Protection Policy to ensure a safe and secure environment for all transactions.

Below are the key aspects of our policy:
1. Dispute Resolution Process

• Users have the right to file a dispute within 180 days of making a payment on Peerwallet.
• The dispute process is initiated on the Peerwallet platform by locating the transaction receipt and clicking on the 'Dispute Transaction' button.
• Users can enter dispute details in the chat, initiating a notification to the seller and Peerwallet dispute resolution staff.
• A chat between the user, seller, and Peerwallet staff ensues, where communications and evidence may be required.
• The Peerwallet staff makes a conclusion based on the provided information.

2. Refunds and Dispute Outcomes

• If the customer is refunded, the funds will be visible in the user's Peerwallet account.
• Users cannot initiate another dispute for the same transaction, whether they win or lose the dispute.

3. Security of Crypto Transactions

• Despite being powered by PWAT (Crypto), Peerwallet ensures the safety of all transactions within the platform.
• Crypto transactions within Peerwallet are conducted securely.

4. Currency Conversions:

• Peerwallet supports free currency conversions using official exchange rates.
• Sellers can receive funds in their preferred currency without additional conversion fees.

5. Merchant Verification and Escrow

• Merchants must undergo verification before offering services on Peerwallet.
• The Escrow system is applied during transactions to enhance security and trust.

6. Stability of Funds Value

• The value of funds on Peerwallet remains unaffected by market fluctuations.
• Funds are backed by cash, providing stability and security.

7. Compliance and Terms

• Verification does not solely guarantee safety; hence, the Escrow system is implemented.
• The Peerwallet team is committed to making every transaction safe, secure, and user-friendly.
• Funds on Peerwallet are subject to the terms and conditions outlined for user awareness.

8. Real Cash Backing

• The value of funds on Peerwallet is backed by real cash stored electronically, ensuring non-volatility.

9. Community-Centric Platform:

• Peerwallet is designed to accommodate various payment methods used globally.
• Our platform supports the community by integrating numerous payment options, making it a versatile and accessible financial marketplace.
By adhering to these policies, Peerwallet aims to create a trusted and secure ecosystem for users, ensuring a seamless and protected financial experience.

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