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On Peerwallet, you can accept payments from your website or via payment or product links. Your customers would be able to pay you using several payment methods.

You can accept payments from Peerwallet and non Peerwallet users, Peerwallet existing users can pay you from their wallet balance, or they can pay via Crypto, several Debit – Credit cards gateways, Paypal, Bank transfer, Perfect Money and many other payment methods.

No matter the payment method used, you would receive all payments in one wallet and you are able to withdraw to your preferred method, Bank, Crypto, Paypal or your preferred choice.



P2P Multi Gateway

Unlike others, Peerwallet’s payment gateway is P2P. Financial institutions, Banks and other licensed Fintech systems are the gateway providers on Peerwallet. So there are several options to receive payment. Depending on your location, a Merchant (Vendor), will open the integration so that your customers are able to pay you using an available gateway. A few things that would determine which gateway would be visible for you are; your location, your verification status, your industry, security deposit level, & your sales history on Peerwallet. Contact us for help.


Low Fees

On peerwallet, the starting fee is 1%, Vendors then add how much they want to charge per transaction, this can range between 2% to 15% depending on your location, industry, your verification status, your security deposit level, & your sales history on Peerwallet.


Zero Exchange Rate Fee

You can sell in multiple currencies, and they are converted to your main currency’s balance without any exchange rate fee. This would give you confidence of same official rate value each time you make a sale, without losing a penny as exchange rate fee.


Multi Balance Purpose

On Peerwallet, you can use your balance for multiple purposes; you can transfer to other Peerwallet user or use it at the Peerwallet’s Market place.


Instant Availability Of Funds

When you make a sale on Peerwallet, the funds are available instantly. You can transfer them to someone else or you withdraw to bank or Crypto which would take between 24 – 72 hours depending on your account’s reputation.


Simple API integration

Peerwallet has simplified how to remotely connect to several available features and also accept payments, you can check the API docs from HERE


Rich Knowledgebase

Because we know you would need more information, we have written a very comprehensive knowledgebase where you can easily find answers to hundreds of topics easily from HERE


High Risk Industries

With the basic requirements set, your business would be able to sell using Peerwallet. You can confirm from us via the chat for a quick guide.


Quick Support

We are always ready and available to help even weekends! You would love it!

How It Works:

Peerwallet as a P2P Semi Decentralized Finance Marketplace relies on 3rd parties for the funding & withdrawals. So at the checkout, your customers would see several gateways and simply just select the one they can pay, then in return you get funds credited to your Peerwallet account which is then automatically sent to your withdrawal method when it’s due.

The people who do this integration so that your customers are able to pay are called Merchants or Vendors, they are Fintech Companies, Banks, and other Financial institutions who make this possible. Because of fraud, most of them will set basic requirements for sellers so that they can be protected. Some of them basic requirements are as follows;

Account Verification

On Peerwallet, you can begin without verification though with some limits, most Vendors will set their gateways to only show to sellers who have at least verified their account, some would require Company verification level.

Security Deposit:

Vendors who offer crypto gateways normally do not require security deposit since Crypto payments aren’t reversible. Those vendors who have integrated credit-debit card gateways would require you have some security deposits first if you want your customers to pay using their gateway. Since you are a new seller without any reputation yet on Peerwallet, this is a feature which protects vendors incase there is a chargeback request, funds from your security deposit would be used to settle it incase you don’t have any balance on Peerwallet.

Most vendors would require you lock a minimum of $500 for a duration of 3 Months which is automatically re-locked if you are actively selling, learn more HERE The total value to lock is dependent on your estimated weekly volume.

Expected Volumes & Holds: This only applies when your customers are paying you via reversible payment method, according to this link HERE

Your sales limits are calculated this way. 100 / 20 * security deposit.
20 in this case is your security level, as you begin to sell without very low chargebacks the rate would reduce which would then increase your sales Limit for the week. In this scenario, your sales Limit for the week for a $500 security deposit at 20% margin is $2,500, when you make sales above $2,500 weekly the extra would go on hold for 14 days before it’s then available for withdrawals.


There are some sellers who want to begin selling without actually depositing funds for security deposit, this feature is called Pre-Start where the earned funds are placed on hold until it gets to the pre- start value and then automatically locked, please learn more from HERE



Depending on the method which would be deployed, the popular method are to

  • Create an account

  • Verify your account

  • Verify your domain name & select your industry

  • Add some security deposits or use the Pre-start option

  • Set your withdrawal method

  • Integrate Peerwallet using available ready make plugins or via the API

  • Accept payment!

Accept payments from customers globally, easily send funds to another Peerwallet user or withdraw your funds easily.

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