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The Peerwallet platform provides a system that would accommodate all types of users with the features below;


Peerwallet is a Semi-Decentralized platform that gives the community more options to rule, manage and control compared to other payment systems

Send and Recieve Money

With an email address or Peerwallet account number, users can easily send money and receivers can easily withdraw from the list of Approved Merchants on the platform.

Multiple Payment Options

There are over 300 payment options which users can fund and withdraw from. This will enable users to pay easily with their most preferred payment option

Plugins & API

Users can easily add payment plugins to their WordPress, Woocommerce, Prestashop, and Magento websites. Also, developers can integrate via API

Global Access

Registration to the Peerwallet platform is opened to users Globally. The access to Peerwallet for both users and Merchants is based on interest.


During registration, users can only select one primary currency but would be able to transact in more than 200 currencies easily without additional conversion fees.

Peerwallet is a global Finance Marketplace where everything is achieved on a person-to-person model. A person-to-person or a peer-to-peer payment system that makes it possible for anyone to receive, transfer & spend funds easily from anywhere and all from one place. Imagine a wallet where you can fund with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Local Bank Transfer, Venmo, Cash APP, Neteller, Wire, Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe, PayU, Paytm, Skrill, Square, Payoneer, Alipay, and 250 more options! All together makes Peerwallet a global payment system that can be used by all and accepted by all.

Interestingly, sellers who integrate Peerwallet to accept payment from their website would be able to accept payment from existing Peerwallet users and non-existing users easily with any of the payment options available on the P2P market for automated invoice payment.

If you create a payment link or integrate Peerwallet to accept payment from your website, let's assume the bill to be paid is $200 and your customer is from Canada, at the checkout page, we would fetch which Merchant has integrated automated payment for people in Canada then this would be fetched out including the option to pay with Peerwallet balance.

There are already hundreds of payment methods that have been integrated by several Merchants on Peerwallet, the opportunities with a single Peerwallet account are unlimited as it can quickly solve how to accept global payments or how to send payments easily.

There are 3 type of account privileges on Peerwallet;
Merchants: They are verified & approved individuals or Companies who provide funding, withdrawals, and other services on the Marketplace.
Sellers: They are those who have integrated Peerwallet to accept payments from their website or sellers who are receiving payments without a website, either selling offline or whichever method.
Users: They are the everyday users of Peerwallet, people who pay online, spend, withdraw, and so on.

Interestingly, one can be all at the same time, you can be a Merchant, Seller, and also a User; it requires just some additional verifications and commitments.

Spend, Send and Withdraw Cryptocurrencies easily with Peerwallet!.

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Peerwallet's primary focus is on how we can spend, send, receive and withdraw all payment options in one place easily. Peerwallet accommodates all users, and major payment options. The Peerwallet IDEA in a line;

There is a very unique way to fund and withdraw on Peerwallet. Peerwallet uses the Merchant system to accomplish the funding and the withdrawal process. Merchants can list which payment method they can offer, thereby increasing the number of funding and withdrawal options available.

This method is referred to as “Peer to Peer”. This is regarded as the most successful way to quickly move cash from one person to another other and Peerwallet has adopted this method for funding and withdrawals. During funding or withdrawals, the whole process is automatically Escrowed so that all parties would be fully protected. Escrow payments are quite secure and safe making sure that both parties are protected.

If a user wants to load wallet his/her Peerwallet worth EUR5,000, then he checks which Merchant offers funding in his local currency and preferred payment method, after identifying such merchant, he clicks to view the merchant's listing offer and terms. The next step is to initiate a trade and send funds to the Merchant, then Merchant confirms payment and then releases funds which go to the user’s Peerwallet wallet balance.

In case of dispute and escalation for intervention, we shall duly verify all payments from all parties and decide to either release the funds to the user or cancel the trade. This method has been proven to be safe, reliable, and easy to use.

It's very easy to transfer funds on Peerwallet. Payments are received immediately and recipients can also withdraw anytime. It's free to send money on Peerwallet and it's available immediately after it has been sent to the user. There are no barriers to funds transfer, users can send payments to any user with any currency and any Country.

On Peerwallet, you can only select one currency as your primary currency which funds are received and where funds are also sent from. This does not limit the funds that can be received, you can receive funds from any user and from any currency where the same value will be received without any conversion profit deducted.

Currency Conversions on Peerwallet is free, the official conversion rates are used so that the main value for the product sold will remain the same even when converted. So, if a seller wants to receive 5EUR, this means that all users who are sending the funds will send them at the official exchange rate without any addition.

This would be the most effective solution for Money transfer services as funds would be sent the same day! The main reason why the Peerwallet project was created was to improve International transfers and also reduce fees. Peerwallet becomes the best method if you want to send funds abroad or you want to pay a supplier or Manufacturers in other Countries. This becomes very possible with third-party transfers.

The illustration below explains it in detail;
John is from Europe and wants to send the sum of 5,000,000CNY to a supplier in China, so John funds his Peerwallet account with the equivalent in EUR (assuming his primary currency is EUR) then the recipient would then creates a withdrawal offer and a Merchant in China would send funds to him in his local currency,

The illustration above can be completed within a few seconds, minutes, or hours depending on the payment method and region. This process makes it possible for cross-border payments if the supplier or receiving merchant or seller will accept third-party payments.

Since the Peerwallet idea can only be accomplished with Merchants, in other to reduce risk and increase trust for the Peerwallet Marketplace, all Merchants must be verified & approved before they can offer funding, withdrawal & other services on Peerwallet.

Verification does not guarantee safety that’s why we also introduced the Escrow system each time a Merchant wants to transact with a user or vice versa. The security of both the Merchant and the User is extremely dear to us and we would do everything possible in making sure every transaction on Peerwallet is safe, secure, and easy to use.

Funds on Peerwallet are final and irreversible and this is shown before and during transfers are made. Please read the terms and conditions for more information about this.

The funds' value on are not affected by the increase or decrease in demand, if the balance is EUR400, this remains at EUR400 even after 400 years. Funds loaded on Peerwallet are fully backed by cash. This means they are not volatile and they are real cash stored electronically.

The Peerwallet idea has been structured to succeed in our everyday finance world where lots of new payment systems are launched daily. We simply built a platform where all these payment methods can eventually be used by the community that supports them.

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