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How It Works

Everything happening on Peerwallet is P2P. Merchants, normally would apply and be verified with some security deposits before they can offer virtual card services, learn more below;

Multiple Funding Options

You load your wallet only from approved merchants on Peerwallet, making it possible for you to load Peerwallet with local payment methods.

Variety Of Cards

Since Merchants are those who integrate virtual cards on Peerwallet, you would be able to select from a variety of Merchants issuing from several Banks easily.

Quick Spend

There is no need to wait for long withdrawals, simply add funds to your virtual card and spend. Visa or Mastercard, just select which Merchant offers that and load.


Here are a few reasons why you should use Peerwallet's Virtual card Marketplace.

Unlike other Fintech systems, Peerwallet is a combination of all other businesses offering financial services. So on Peerwallet you have several other Fintech or businesses offering financial services, this makes it possible for you select from multiple Merchants or Vendors to achieve a particular purpose.

Peerwallet is the first P2P Finance Market place ever to be launched in the whole world, and we are proud you have found us today! It's easy to begin and easy to use; You can use Peerwallet as your Payment gateway which enables you to receive payments from your website or without a website using payment links; same P2P pattern, your customers get to the checkout, pay a Merchant and then the value is then sent to your Peerwallet balance which is automatically transferred to you by the customer.

The P2P Marketplace consists of the following: Funding & Withdrawing, Virtual card, Virtual Banks, Bills payment, and many more to come. If you want to apply to become a Merchant/Vendor on Peerwallet, you should learn more from here.

Fact: When you register and use Peerwallet, it's the same thing as you have registered on over 300 Fintech platforms. Peerwallet is modern & solves our present day-to-day global financial challenges!

CEO Peerwallet: Frankie Frank

The best time to try it out is now!

One account for all; Sellers, Merchants, or Customers. Verify your account and set up your account depending on what you want to use your account for.

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