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Discover the Power of Peerwallet Token (PWAT)

Peerwallet Token (PWAT) is at the heart of the Peerwallet semi-decentralized P2P finance marketplace, offering a host of features to revolutionize your financial experience:

Seamless Transactions

Peerwallet Token facilitates swift and secure peer-to-peer transactions within the platform, eliminating the need for cumbersome currency conversions.

Currency Conversion Simplified

Forget the frustration of fluctuating conversion rates. Peerwallet eliminates the need for multiple conversions, enabling straightforward transactions and minimizing losses.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

Your financial security is our priority. PWAT incorporates advanced security measures to protect your transactions and personal information, providing you with peace of mind.

Liquidity and Trading Opportunities

PWAT is available for trading, offering ample liquidity and the potential for growth. Trade with confidence, knowing you're part of a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem.


Embark on the Future of Finance with Peerwallet Token (PWAT). Here's how:

Effortless Transactions

Peerwallet Token (PWAT) enables seamless peer-to-peer transactions, eliminating delays. Experience instant, direct transfers and instant settlement.

Global Accessibility

With PWAT, geographical barriers fade away. Access your funds, make payments, and engage in financial activities from anywhere in the world.

Empowering Innovation

Join a vibrant ecosystem that encourages innovation. PWAT's availability for trading means you're part of a forward-looking community.


PWAT's Use Cases

Experience a range of services that Peerwallet Token (PWAT) offers, empowering you with seamless and efficient solutions for your financial needs

P2P Gateway

Utilize Peerwallet Token (PWAT) as your dedicated peer-to-peer gateway. Seamlessly conduct direct transactions with enhanced security and promptness, simplifying the way you transfer funds.

Virtual Cards

Experience the future of virtual transactions through PWAT's integrated virtual card. Effortlessly navigate the digital landscape, making payments and purchases with the utmost convenience.

P2P Remittance

Leverage PWAT for swift and secure cross-border remittances. Seamlessly send and receive funds across geographical boundaries, ensuring your remittances reach their destination promptly.

Virtual Banks

Transform your banking interactions with PWAT's virtual banking solutions. Seamlessly manage your finances, access funds, and oversee transactions through an intuitive virtual banking experience.

Bills Payment

Simplify your bill settlement process with PWAT's streamlined bills payment feature. Effortlessly manage your financial obligations by utilizing your PWAT holdings for quick and convenient payments.

Wallet Transfer

Experience the remarkable convenience and ease of wallet-to-wallet transfers with PWAT. Seamlessly move your assets between wallets, whether for personal connections or business transactions.

Our Roadmap

Navigating Our Path to Financial Empowerment


Development Peerwallet's official token of (PWAT).

Aug 20, 2023

Integration of PWAT into Peerwallet's internal transactions

Sept 15, 2023

Mobile app enhancement for seamless, on-the-go transactions

Jan 1, 2024 - March 28, 2024

Presale of Peerwallet token (PWAT)

February 19, 2024

Official launch of the Peerwallet token (PWAT) to Decentralized Exchanges

March 4, 2024
Q1 2025

Global outreach and partnerships to extend PWAT's usability.

January 2025

Frequently Asked questions

Below are answers to some of the most common questions about Peerwallet Token, its features, and its role in revolutionizing peer-to-peer financial interactions. Feel free to reach out to us for further assistance.

Peerwallet Token (PWAT) is the official token of the Peerwallet platform, offering a seamless solution for peer-to-peer transactions and enabling various financial activities.

PWAT simplifies transactions within the Peerwallet ecosystem, enabling users to load, withdraw, spend, and accept payments effortlessly.

From the 1st of January 2024, PWAT will be available for trading, offering ample liquidity and the potential for growth in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

The total supply of PWAT tokens is 100 million, ensuring long-term availability and versatility.