How does it work?

You can earn from users’ transactions when you refer them to Peerwallet. You would continue to earn from them as long as they receive payments on Peerwallet. Peerwallet charges the receiver and not the sender, so your profits would come when those you have referred to Peerwallet receive payments.

We would share 20% of the total fees received from that transaction, Peerwallet’s fee is 1%, so you would get 20% of 1% per each transaction.

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Seller’s Auto Affiliate

If you integrate Peerwallet into your website to receive payment, or you create a payment link to receive funds from a non-peerwallet user, when the user registers & pays, you automatically become their sponsor.

This makes the whole affiliate process even more interesting and easy, since users are coming to peerwallet for the first time using your payment link or from your website, they should automatically become your referred users which we have implemented.

This would only function when you have set your affiliate link from here


How To Get Users To Sign Up Using Your Affiliate Link

You can refer unlimited users to Peerwallet, if you have a YouTube channel, Twitter follower, Tiktok, or Facebook followers, then this becomes a starting point. You can share your affiliate link on your socials, or if you have some budget we recommend you run some campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

When you run some paid campaigns, you would be able to reach a wider audience and more persons would register using your affiliate link. When referring users to Peerwallet, there are several keywords you can use;

Your Target Audience

Either you want to target sellers who should integrate Peerwallet and enable them to sell globally, or you want to target users who want to create unlimited virtual cards with API access or, you want to target Merchants who can provide financial services on Peerwallet.

For which target method you would be using, be sure to properly explain how Peerwallet works to them in a few lines and also you can refer them with beautiful banners

Would you like to become an affiliate?

Frequently Ask Questions

Let’s Answer Some Of Your Questions Or Frequently Asked Questions

How much you can earn is unlimited, and you would be paid each time your referred users receive payments on Peerwallet. You would earn 20% of the total fees they paid.

From here you would first need to set your affiliate link, when that is done then you can give your friends to access peerwallet. When they do that, we would automatically store you as their sponsor

When someone clicks your affiliate link and doesn’t register, we still store your link on their browser’s cookies which is active for 90 days, when the user comes back to peerwallet again even after several days, we would still recognize you as their sponsor

From the affiliates page, you would see the total number of users you have referred to Peerwallet.

The minimum payout is €5 or the equivalent in your primary currency

When you have earned above the minimum balance, payments would be sent to your Peerwallet balance, and from there you can easily withdraw your funds

There is no limit to how many users you can refer to Peerwallet

You can contact us via the live chat or via support ticket from the member area.

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