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How it works

This is a P2P remittance system where approved merchants are involved in sending withdrawals to users who want to withdraw or send Bank payments. These merchants are verified individuals or companies from several regions who make it possible for you or your recipients to receive payments locally via Bank transfer.

Anyone with a Peerwallet balance can send Bank payments, as long as there are available Merchants in your chosen region.

If you want to load your Peerwallet balance, you can do so from the Market Place with several payment methods. The Market place makes P2P funding possible, where approved Merchants are also able to help you fund your Peerwallet account via local payment methods.

Transfer Security

Sending Bank payments from Peerwallet is safe, any Merchant sending payments have been verified and also has some security deposits with us. Security deposits are funds locked by Merchants to cover for unforeseen transaction failure, and to increase trust among peerwallet users. The minimum lock for Merchant issuing a Bank transfer is $3,000 and the withdrawal amount’s equivalent in the Merchant’s balance.

Illustration: If you want to withdraw $10,000 for example, only Merchants who have a balance of $10,000 in their peerwallet balance would be able to initiate the withdrawal. This guarantees the equivalent lock for Escrow purposes.

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