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Peerwallet LTD s.r.o Privacy Notice

Your privacy is safeguarded by Peerwallet, LTD. s.r.o. (also known as "Peerwallet," "we," "us," or "our"). The Peerwallet Wallet, our online platform, application, social media pages, and other online properties (collectively, the "Website") are examples of the types of online properties we may collect personal information from you when you use. We may also collect personal information when you use any of the products, services, content, features, technologies, or functions we provide (collectively, the "Services").

This Notice is intended to educate you of our privacy practices and to clarify the privacy policies available to you while using our website and services. Please be aware that the services we offer may differ by location.

The privacy notice in its original, controlling form shall be the one that is written in English. The English language version of this privacy notice shall take precedence over any future translation into any other language in the event of any inconsistency.

Personal information we collect

In conjunction with your use of the Website and our Services, we gather information about you ("Personal Data"). or in any other way within the context of our connection with you. The many categories of Personal Data that we might collect from you include:

Biographical Data, including:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Country
  • Full Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Personal information we collect

    In conjunction with your use of the Website and our Services, we gather information about you ("Personal Data"). or in any other way within the context of our connection with you. The many categories of Personal Data that we might collect from you include:
    Biographical Data, including:
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Country
    • Full Address
    • Date of Birth

    Peerwallet Account Details, including:
    • Username
    • User Profile Information in the “Bio” section
    • Profile Picture
    • Joined Date
    • Default Currency
    • Time Zone
    • Default Language

    Peerwallet Account Activity, including:
    • Trade Chat Messages (which may contain financial information if you provide it to sellers)
    • Trade Chat Attachments
    • Trade Activity
    • Transaction History
    • Affiliate Name
    • Affiliate ID
    • Affiliate Link
    • Affiliate Transactions
    • Offers Created
    • Offer Terms
    • Trade Instructions
    • Account Notifications
    • Account Status

    Data relating to your wallet, including:
    • Private Keys
    • Public Keys
    • Wallet Balance
    • Transactions received
    • Transactions sent

    Data Collected in connection with “Know Your Customer” (KYC) Compliance, including:
    • Government-issued ID
    • Proof of Address
    • Photographs, if you elect to provide them to us
    • Video, if you elect to provide them to us

    Device and Website Usage Data, including:
    • IP Addresses
    • The cookie ID and/or other device identifiers
    • Information relating to your access to the Website, such as device characteristics, date & time
    • Language preferences
    • Information on actions taken while using the Website

    Mobile application usage data, including:
    • Session data: IP address, version of the operating system, brand and model of the device, unique identifiers of the device, browser used, information about the time the Application was accessed, name and parameters of the network connection.
    • Information about applications installed on the User’s device (metadata from applications): application name, application identifier and version, device identifier and checksum. Detecting malicious apps and protecting users from fraud are the main reasons for collecting information about installed apps.
    • Information on actions taken while using the mobile application
    • Crash and application errors diagnostics data

  • How we use your data

    Your Personal Data may be used, retained, and shared by us for the following purposes:

    • operating the website in order to deliver services, such as:
    - Register, create, and maintain your account;
    - certify your identity and/or account access, or assist merchants in confirming your identification;
    - initiate, enable, handle, and/or carry out transactions;
    - contacting /communicating with you in relation to your account or other Services you utilize;
    - carry out KYC, creditworthiness, or other such reviews;
    - application evaluation
    - To ensure correctness and validity, compare the data.

    • to minimize risk and safeguard the Website and Services, you, and other users.
    • to fulfill your preferences and deliver a tailored experience.
    • to comprehend users' behavior and interactions with the website and services better.
    • to advertise to you
    • to offer Services, deals, and promotions that are specifically tailored to you on our website and other websites.
    • to give you offerings, features, and alternatives that are relevant to a particular region.
    • To uphold our policies and obligations, which may include, but is not limited to, disclosing information and responding to inquiries from regulators and/or law enforcement officials in accordance with any applicable laws, rules, or regulations, judicial or governmental orders, the regulatory authority of competent jurisdiction, discovery requests, or similar legal processes.
    • to settle disagreements, collect payments, or troubleshoot issues.
    • to contact you in order to provide customer service.
    • to oversee our company.
    When required by relevant legislation, we may also treat personal data for additional purposes with your permission.

    Sources from which we gather personal information
    We collect Personal information from a number of sources, including:
    Directly from you: When you use our website or services, get in touch with us, or otherwise engage with us, we directly gather Personal Data from you.
    From service providers and/or data processors that help us provide the Website or the Services: We may hire service providers to work under our direction and on our behalf to make the Website or the Services available to you. It's possible for these service providers to gather data about you and give it to us.
    • We may get information about you from other users in conjunction with transactions or discussions on the Peerwallet website or from affiliates linked with the Peerwallet website or services. Affiliates may also give us information about you based on your interactions or business dealings with them.
    • from other sources who could aid with identity verification, fraud protection, and transaction security.
    • from outside sources that could aid in our assessment of your creditworthiness or financial status.
    • from third parties who may assist us in conducting analyses of Personal Data, enhancing the Website, the Services, or your usage of them, marketing goods or services, or sending you offers and promotions.
    • if you communicate with us on social media, from social media sites.

  • How we share data

    We may share some Personal Data with other people in specific situations. The following are the kind of people with whom we may disclose personal data:
    • Service providers and/or data processors: With outside service providers who work under our direction and on our behalf, we might exchange Personal Data. These third-party service providers could, for instance, offer you Services, confirm your identification, help with transaction processing, advertise our goods and Services to you, or offer customer support.
    • Other parties to transactions, such as sellers: We might provide information to the other parties involved in your transactions, including the users you're buying a digital asset from.
    - Financial institutions and other businesses that assist you in making payments for transactions
    - Affiliates who are referred to us through our website
    - For our business's needs or as permitted or needed by law, other third parties, such as:
    - must adhere to any legal or regulatory process (such as a duly issued court order or subpoena), as well as any legal or regulatory obligation or contractual requirement;
    - to make, use, or protect legal claims;
    - in response to a request by a government body, such as a court order or the police;
    - to enforce our internal rules or the terms of service on our website;
    - To prevent damage to ourselves or others physically or financially, to stop suspected or real illegal conduct, to safeguard our rights, property, or safety in any other way;
    - to make it easier for Peerwallet's business to be bought, sold, or otherwise transferred. Using data shared with a business we intend to combine with or be purchased by, as an example;
    - to assist our corporate governance, compliance, and auditing operations.

  • International transfers of data

    Please be aware that we reserve the right to transfer any Personal Data we have gathered about you to countries other than the one in which it was initially collected. It's possible that such nations don't have the same data protection regulations as the one in which you first gave the information. We take measures to guarantee that the transfer of your Data is in conformity with the law when we send it to other nations.

  • Cookies and online advertising

    • When you visit a website, it stores a little text file called a cookie on your computer or mobile device.
    • To run and target advertising that could be of interest to you, our website makes use of cookies and tracking technologies. Please refer to our Cookie Policy for more details.
    • In order to display advertisements on the Peerwallet Website or other websites, Peerwallet may collaborate with third-party ad networks. Peerwallet has no control over these websites or outside ad networks. Ad network partners gather information about your online activities using data technologies in order to deliver you personalized advertising that is based on your interests.
    Please be aware that this does not prevent you from seeing advertisements; you will still see general ads that are not tailored to your individual interests. The use of cookies can be managed by each browser separately. You can still use our website if you reject cookies, but you might have fewer options for using certain of its features or sections.

  • Data retention

    We keep personal data for as long as it takes to accomplish the goals for which it was gathered or as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations. This can entail keeping personal information around after a transaction. Once your Personal Data is no longer needed for any of the aforementioned business goals, we make every attempt to destroy it.

  • Data security

    Peerwallet has put in place security measures to secure your personal data, such as precautions against destruction, loss, misuse, and unauthorized access and disclosure. Nevertheless, Peerwallet is unable to guarantee or warrant the security or confidentiality of any information you send to us or that we receive from you via a wireless or Internet connection. Even though Peerwallet takes precautions to safeguard data once it has been received, there is always some danger associated with data transfers via the Internet.

  • Children under 18 years of age

    The Website for Peerwallet is not meant for use by anyone under the age of 18. Without confirmed parental consent, we never intentionally collect data from children under the age of 18. If we come to the realization that we have obtained information, including Personal Data, from a person under the age of 18 without verifiable parental consent, we will immediately destroy the data.

  • Modifications to the privacy notice

    Peerwallet retains the right to periodically modify this Notice. If we make any changes to this Notice, we will send you an email, post a clear notice on the Peerwallet Website home page, or post a new version of this Notice here. We advise you to frequently check the Website for updates.

  • Contact us

    Contact us at you have any questions about this Notice or wish to make an inquiry with us regarding Personal Data or privacy.


What does Peerwallet do with your personal information?

Financial institutions have discretion over how they share your personal data. Consumers have the right to restrict some forms of sharing, but not all forms. We must also disclose to you how we obtain, use, and safeguard your personal information in accordance with federal law. To better understand what we do, please carefully read this notice.

Depending on the product or service you have with us, we may collect and disclose different sorts of personal information about you. This data may consist of:

  • Social Security number or balances on your accounts
  • History of payments or transactions
  • Credit reports or credit ratings

We continue to share your information as stated in this notice even after you cease to be one of our customers.

To conduct business on a daily basis, all financial institutions must exchange the personal data of their clients. The reasons financial organizations may disclose the private information of their clients are outlined in the section below, along with the reasons Peerwallet decides to reveal that information and if you have any control over it.

Why we might divulge your personal information Does Peerwallet share? Can you limit this sharing?
For our regular business operations, such as handling your transactions, keeping your account(s) up to date, responding to court orders and legal inquiries, or providing credit bureau reports. Yes No
For our marketing purposes - to offer our products and services to you Yes No
In order to promote collaboratively with other financial companies Yes No
For the regular business operations of our affiliates - details about your dealings and experiences Yes No
Information regarding your creditworthiness for our affiliates' routine business needs No We don't share
For nonaffiliates to market to you No We don't share
Questions? Go to
Who we are
Who is providing this notice? Peerwallet is the provider of the privacy notice, which is applicable to your individual and business Peerwallet account.
How does Peerwallet protect my personal information? We get your personal data, for instance, when you
  • open an account or provide account information
  • provide contact information or do a transfer.
  • send or receive money, log into your Peerwallet account.
We also obtain personal data from third parties, including affiliates, credit bureaus, and other businesses.
What we do
How does Peerwallet protect my personal information? We employ security measures that are compliant with the law to guard your personal information from unauthorized access and use. These precautions include guarded paperwork and buildings, as well as digital safeguards.
  • Organizations with a shared ownership or control. Both financial and nonfinancial corporations may qualify.
  • Companies under the common control of Peerwallet LTD. s.r.o. are among our affiliates.
Nonaffiliates Organizations with no shared ownership or control. Both financial and nonfinancial corporations may qualify.
  • Among the non-affiliates with whom we exchange personal information are service providers who carry out tasks for us.
Joint marketing An official pact between nonaffiliated financial institutions who work together to sell your financial products or services.
  • Our joint marketing partners include financial companies.

Peerwallet Public Cookie Policy

We do all essentials at Peerwallet, Inc. (also known as "Peerwallet," "we," "us," or "our") to safeguard your privacy. We explain what cookies are in this Cookie Policy ("Policy") as well as how we use them on our website, online wallet, mobile application, social media pages, and other online properties and services. When you use our website and services, this Policy is meant to assist you to learn about our cookie policies and be aware of your privacy choices. The services we provide may differ by region, so please be aware of that.

The English language version of this Cookie Policy shall be deemed to be the authoritative source for all information and rules about cookies. The English language version must be deemed authoritative in the event of any discrepancy between it and any translation into any other language.

  • What Are Cookies

    When you visit a website, it stores a little text file called a cookie on your computer or mobile device. Typically, these cookies contain data about your visit to our website.

  • How We Use Cookies

    As explained below, we utilize cookies for a variety of purposes. Sadly, there are frequently no industry-standard methods for blocking cookies without also blocking the functionality and services they give a website. If you're unsure if cookies are required for a service you use, we advise leaving them enabled.

  • Disabling Cookies

    By changing the settings on your browser, you can turn off cookies. Be advised that deactivating cookies will impact the operation of Peerwallet and other websites you may visit. As a result, we advise against disabling cookies.

  • The Cookies We Set

    Account-related cookies
    We use cookies to facilitate the registration process and for general administration when you create an account with us. Normally, these cookies are removed after you log out. The next time you log in, they might, in certain circumstances, stay on your device to remember your site preferences.
    Login-related cookies
    To make sure you have a pleasant experience using our website and services while logged in, we utilize cookies. Considerations include things like information about your device, browser, and the device ports used to access the web resource. You won't need to log in each time you access a new page on our website thanks to this method. Since you can only access restricted features and locations when logged in, these cookies are normally deleted or cleaned when you log out.
    Email-newsletter-related cookies
    Peerwallet provides services for email or newsletter subscriptions. We might use cookies to keep track of whether you've already registered and whether to display particular messages that might only apply to subscribers or unsubscribed individuals.
    Order-processing-related cookies
    A few cookies are necessary for Peerwallet's payment features to function properly and to ensure that your order is remembered across sites.
    Survey-related cookies
    We occasionally offer user quizzes and surveys to give you fascinating information and practical tools or to help us better understand our user base. Cookies may be used by these polls to keep track of respondents who have already completed the survey or to deliver correct results even after you switch sites.
    Forms related cookies
    We may use cookies to save your user information for future correspondence when you submit information using a form, such as those found on contact pages or comment forms.
    Site-related cookies
    We provide you with the option to customize how this website behaves when you use it so that you have a wonderful experience while using it. We use cookies to store your preferences so that they can be retrieved anytime you interact with a page on our website that is influenced by your preferences.
    Third-Party Cookies
    We occasionally employ cookies supplied by dependable third parties in unique circumstances. Which third-party cookies you might encounter when using our website are described in this section.
    • To better understand how you use Peerwallet and find ways to make it better, our website employs third-party analytics technologies like Google Analytics. These cookies may keep track of information like the pages you visit and how long you spend on our website. Visit the official Google Analytics page for additional details regarding Google Analytics cookies.
    • We occasionally test new functionality and make minor adjustments to how our website is delivered. These cookies may be used to maintain a consistent user experience on our website while we test new features, as well as to determine which website optimizations our users find most useful.
    • We employ cookies to collect this data because, as a marketplace, we need to know statistics about how many visitors to our website make purchases. You should care about this since it enables us to monitor the costs of our advertising and products and set the most competitive prices for you.
    • Additionally, we are advertised by numerous other parties. To properly acknowledge our customers who arrive at our website via one of these third-party websites and, where appropriate, to allow these third parties to reward you for completing a purchase, affiliate cookies enable us to identify those consumers.

  • More Information

    Please feel free to contact us here if you have any questions regarding our cookie policy.

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our Cookie Policy.