Make Profits Daily Buying & Selling Peerwallet Funds.

Become a Merchant and earn by providing financial services to users on Peerwallet.


The first peer to peer payment gateway & finance market place where approved vendors handles funding, withdrawals & spending ability for all other users.

As a merchant, you would earn by charging Peerwallet users some fees for using your integrated services or for providing a financial service. Here are the steps to get started;

Step 1

Create & verify your account on Peerwallet; Individual or Company.

Step 2

Apply to become a Merchant. We shall review all applications & approve only the best applicants.

Step 3

If approved, you can begin to create your funding and withdrawal offers and also apply to get discounted funding at different rounds. Learn More

With Peerwallet you can make up to 3% profits daily or even more!


Easy Order System

Completing your orders is quite easy. Users fund their account using your own rate.


Fully Responsive

Access Peerwallet from any device, this makes it possible to accept orders from any location.


Simple Navigation

There is no complex navigation. Peerwallet is simple and easy to understand.


Low Fees

Most Fees are as low as 1%, it would barely even affect your balance!


24/7 Support

We are available via the Live chat, user Support from the dashboard, Telegram, and Facebook.


Global Coverage

Peerwallet allows you to create offers and accept orders gloablly without restrictions.

Peerwallet is a global Finance Market place where everything is achieved on a person-to-person model. A person-to-person or a peer-to-peer payment system makes it possible for anyone to receive, transfer & spend funds easily from anywhere and all from one place.

Imagine a wallet where you can fund with Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Local Bank Transfer, Venmo, Cash APP, Neteller, Wire, Paystack, Flutterwave, Stripe, PayU, Paytm, Skrill, Square, Payoneer, Alipay, and 290 more options! All together makes Peerwallet a global payment system that can be used by all and accepted by all.

Funding: You make a profit each time someone wants to fund their Peerwallet account. You buy 1 USD at the rate of 1 USD and then sell at your rate to those who want to fund their account.

Illustration: You can set a percentage profit margin each time someone wants to fund their account using your integrated payment method. This means you would sell 1EUR for 1.03EUR & make a 3% profit from every funding request. You can set your price at will.

Issue Virtual Cards: From the Peerwallet Marketplace, users can buy and load a virtual card from their peerwallet balance. As a merchant, you would be able to integrate your Virtual card services so that Peerwallet users would be able to automatically buy and load your virtual card service.

Withdrawals: When sellers who have integrated Peerwallet into their website receive payments, it's available on the Peerwallet Marketplace instantly for withdrawals at the rate of 0% which can only be paid by approved Merchants. So with this option, it means for example you would be funding your account at 0% and selling at 3% or 5%, or 20% depending on whatever rate you have set.

Bills Payment (coming very soon): Merchants can integrate several bills payment services so that when users click to pay bills they pay little fees which is your profit.

Virtual Banks (coming soon): Merchants can integrate virtual banking services and make profits when users receive funds from them.

Physical Cards (coming soon): From the Market place, users would be able to buy a physical card shipped to their preferred address which would make it possible for them to spend their Peerwallet balance easily. When Merchants integrate this service, they would earn from every card creation and load fee.

Interestingly yes! You can configure automated funding on your account. For example; if you accept Paypal payments, you can set the automated payment pattern so that as soon as the funds are received, the system automatically releases funds to the user's peerwallet account. You can learn more about the automated funding from here.

Peerwallet is moving into a 100% community payment system where users control how things are done entirely. The Peerwallet payment system is not the regular way of accepting and sending funds online, it's an actual revolution towards solving how payments are done online!

Peerwallet is a combination of all other payment systems. What this means is that; If you have a balance on your Peerwallet account, it is convertible to cash via over 300+ other payment methods and more are being added as recommended by the community.

Peerwallet is an actual solution, Peerwallet tends to solve so many needs in our today's financial world.

You are required to pay the sum of $100 Yearly to maintain an approved Merchant account on Peerwallet. Also, depending on the services you want to provide, you would require a minimum balance lock. For buying & selling funds only, there is no minimum balance required. If you want to issue your own virtual card/physical cards on Peerwallet, you would need to lock the sum of $3,000, Virtual Bank is $20,000, Bills payment is $1,500 lock. The minimum lock period is 3 Months.

Balance lock are a way to protect the community incase of failed transactions or issues with payments, funds would be taken from the locked balance. Please contact us for more information.

This is not Forex neither is it a gambling platform. As long as you have bought these funds at a favorable rate, you are certain of making profits. The funds on Peerwallet aren't volatile, it is 100% cash which means the value of your account balance remains the same even after so many years.


Why Peerwallet?

Few facts why you should use Peerwallet.

Your Funds on Peerwallet are even more secure than any other digital funds you store!

Secured Investment

Your funds on Peerwallet is like you have deposits with more than 300 payment methods, because you can easily withdraw to them anytime.

Unique Peer to Peer Gateway

Peerwallet is the first Payment gateway or Payment system to fully rely on it's community for funding & withdrawal requests

Most Reliable Way To Withdraw

We allow you to set your rate and also choose your withdrawal method and make more profit even when you receive payments

Advance Payment System

Peerwallet makes it possible for international same-day settlement, cross conversion of payments, global payments, e.t.c

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