It's very interesting to know that on Peerwallet, there are better withdrawal opportunities as compared to other systems, the variety of withdrawal options makes it better to use, and we continue to add more withdrawal options so that sellers or users who want to withdraw their funds can do this with several options.


The funds circulating on Peerwallet is a stable crypto money that is stored as cash value equivalent. The Peerwallet money is backed by 100% cash, which is stored on an approved wallet that holds the crypto value. In the nearest future, Peerwallet would build its Blockchain which would also store the value of the existing stablecoin so that all users on Peerwallet can track their balances from the Blockchain. 



So currently, Peerwallet holds a USDT BEP-20 equivalent of the total value in circulation pending when we launch our Blockchain. So, when funds leave circulation, this means funds leave the USDT BEP-20 value being stored and goes to the user who has requested it.



On Peerwallet, the withdrawal pattern is very interesting, approved merchants can buy from sellers who want to withdraw, or Peerwallet as a company would remove from the funds in circulation and issue withdrawals to the person who wants to withdraw. 


So because of the scenario, we advice people when setting up their withdrawal offers, they should always include USDT BEP-20 also as part of the options, including other desired options.