On your dashboard, you'll find two balances: one in USDT, representing stable currency, and the other in PWAT, stored as a token. While the USDT balance remains constant, the PWAT balance fluctuates based on the current token rate. You can easily track the total PWAT balance from your dashboard.


Opting to receive funds in PWAT: As a seller, storing funds solely in PWAT exposes you to potential value fluctuations. When spending PWAT on Peerwallet, you can choose to convert it or transfer it to another PWAT address, internally or externally.


Instant conversion: To convert PWAT to USDT on Peerwallet, you must first complete the conversion. Afterward, you can seamlessly spend on Peerwallet and other compatible marketplaces. Whether your funds are in USDT or PWAT, they remain readily liquid.


Balances top-up: When receiving funds via internal transfer from another Peerwallet user, they're typically sent in USDT. To replenish your primary wallet (USDT), you can add funds from the marketplace page. Alternatively, for PWAT wallet top-ups, you can directly do so from centralized exchanges or convert from USDT to PWAT on your dashboard, albeit with additional fees.