Peerwallet operates as a Crypto Platform featuring a unique Peerwallet coin/token, where all transactions are securely recorded on the Blockchain. Transactions occur on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) basis. The checkout process involves a straightforward transfer of funds from one Peerwallet user to another.



To ensure a seamless experience, we've introduced the instant P2P checkout option. This enables you to conveniently fund your Peerwallet account using a familiar and popular payment method, with the amount instantly loaded. Subsequently, the system deducts the loaded amount from your Peerwallet balance and credits the designated seller accordingly.


It's important to note that when using payment methods other than the Peerwallet balance, the payment is directed towards loading your Peerwallet account, rather than directly paying the seller. Understanding this distinction is crucial for comprehending how Peerwallet functions and handling situations involving non-delivery of goods or services.



Should a seller fail to fulfill their commitment, disputing the transaction through the initial payment gateway is not applicable. The gateway serves as a means to fund your Peerwallet account, a process that has already been completed. In such cases, you can easily initiate a ticket to report the transaction issue. We will then facilitate an order dispute process, allowing the seller an opportunity to respond. If warranted, you may be eligible for a refund through Peerwallet. Please note that directly disputing through the payment gateway is considered fraudulent behavior on Peerwallet and could result in your account being blacklisted and reported.



Invoicing and Reporting:

Following successful payments to a seller on Peerwallet, two invoices are generated. The first invoice corresponds to the funding of your Peerwallet account, which transpired between you and the vendor/merchant. The second invoice relates to the transaction between you and the seller (Wallet transfer). Both receipts can be downloaded from your Peerwallet account upon logging in.


Upon checkout, an account is automatically created for you. Check your email for instructions on setting up a password. Once you're logged into Peerwallet, you can access your balance logs and other relevant reports. If you don't receive an email post-payment, navigate to retrieve your password and whitelist noreply@Peerwallet.com to ensure you receive all correspondence from us.


Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries or for further clarifications.