Recurring payments on Peerwallet is quite straight forward, this is determined when the payment link was created.

If a payment would be recurring, the user would see it at checkout when making payment and also the user would be able to see all recurring payment from


Payments >>>> Recurring Payments

A user is able to cancel a recurring payment or pay for it when the pay button is active. If a recurring payment was not cancelled and there is enough balance in the wallet, the value would be charged as at when due.



Charge Method: Peerwallet does not setup recurring payment from the payment gateway used, rather, the value is deducted from the peerwallet balance. So in this case, the user would need to add funds to his Peerwallet balance to make the recurring subscription renew correctly. If there is no balance as at when its due to renew, a response would be sent to the seller or supplier that user couldn't renew the subscription.



Reminder Method: Peerwallet would already start reminding the user few days before renewal via email. If the user has verified phone and this settings has been configured to ALLOW, Peerwallet shall also send an SMS reminder.



Call Backs & Response: Peerwallet shall continue to send a response to the Call back URL specified when the payment link was created, the type of responses are paid, failed & cancelled.