Rating is a major factor that differentiates an account's reputation; it gives us an idea of how you have been doing before now. Sometimes, users of peerwallet check other users' reputations before trading with such a person, or sometimes offers are configured to favor some particular users with some favored rating. In all you do on Peerwallet, make sure your Good rating is maintained.



The Merchant or seller rating is quite straightforward; the customer would be the one to leave a rating after each trade. The customer rating is determined by the system, it calculates the total number of completed trades you have against the disputed orders and failed or canceled orders.

Below is how the customer rating works on Peerwallet;



When you cancel a trade, 3 stars. 
When a trade you started expires, 2 stars.
When you lose a dispute, 1 star. 
When you win a dispute, 5 stars.
When the Merchant or the seller has approved your payment 5 stars.