On Peerwallet, there is a fixed fee of 1% on all transactions which is charged. Since Peerwallet is P2P, the Peerwallet's fee is charged from your balance. 



Example: As a seller who want to receive $50 from a user, Peerwallet would charge the Merchant 1% and also the seller 1%. This value would be deducted from their peerwallet balance. 

For the example above, the seller would receive $45.5 in Peerwallet and the merchant would be charged 1% also from balance.


This also applies to the other services on the Marketplace, if you want to buy a virtual card, the fees are paid by both the buyer and the seller of the virtual card. 


Minimum Fee:



The minimum Fee on Peerwallet is 0.1 in the selling currency. 

Example; if a user want to purchase a card worth about $5 for the total payment to be made, 1% fee is $0.05, in this case, $0.1 would be charged instead. 

It would be 0.1 of the actual selling currency.