Welcome to Peerwallet, the trusted P2P finance marketplace where everything operates on a peer-to-peer basis. Our remittance feature, in particular, is designed with the utmost security and efficiency in mind. To ensure a safe environment, only approved vendors, who are verified and entrusted, are permitted to conduct remittances on Peerwallet. Furthermore, these vendors maintain security deposits, adding extra protection for your transactions.


As a user of our finance marketplace, you can effortlessly transfer funds between fellow users through our dedicated remittance page. Rest assured, every transaction undergoes a meticulous escrow process, guaranteeing its complete processing.


Let's delve into the seamless steps of our remittance process:

Step 1) Initiate: To kickstart the transaction, simply navigate to the "Send" page and initiate the transfer.


Step 2) Select Merchant/Vendor: Next, choose a merchant/vendor from our curated list, who will send the funds to your designated destination, primarily a bank account. During this selection, you will have a transparent view of the rates, fees, and the amount the recipient will receive.



Step 3) Make Payment: Proceed to our secure payment page, where you can effortlessly make payment for the total amount you wish to send. If you have sufficient funds in your balance, you can conveniently pay directly from there. Otherwise, you can choose from our trusted P2P merchants to facilitate the payment.


Step 4) Confirmation: After making the payment, you will be directed to the confirmation page, displaying the estimated time remaining for the vendor to send you the funds. Some vendors have integrated automated bank payments, resulting in a significantly faster processing time, sometimes even less than a minute.


For wire transfers, which typically require 2 to 5 days to reach the recipient, the payment will be marked as completed once the vendor initiates the transfer. In the unlikely event of any issues or non-receipt of funds, our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you and rectify any concerns promptly.


At Peerwallet, we prioritize your peace of mind. Consequently, we consistently ensure that only trusted and reliable vendors are part of our platform, allowing you to experience seamless and hassle-free remittance services. Don't hesitate to give our remittance feature a try today!