Limits: From here; https://peerwallet.com/doc/read?t=account-limits-on-peerwallet you can learn more about your account limits. Limits are affected by your verification type.


Reputation: Several factors would affect your reputation on Peerwallet, for a detailed explanation, please go here; https://peerwallet.com/doc/read?t=understanding-how-customer-amp-merchant-rating-works-on-peerwallet



Holds: Holds on Peerwallet are some funds you have earned which would be available to you at a later date. Many things could cause this; we shall outline them below;




1) Poor Rating: If you are selling or collecting payments via the Checkout, the Peerwallet system would calculate your rating using several factors and including the total number of sales against your total chargebacks. All of these contribute to your rating as a user


2) Low-Security Deposit: This is a major factor that causes payment holds on Peerwallet. Sellers would need to maintain a starting 20% security level against the total number of sales done weekly.  This rate varies based on your reputation and selling history on Peerwallet.


For example; if you have a total of $500 placed as a security deposit and your total sales for the Week exceeds $2,500, some of your payments would be placed on hold till the following week. 

So in this case, the seller would be able to receive the difference while the funds held won't be available until it's cleared. The most recommended option is that Sellers would need to increase their security deposit when their total sales volume begins to increase weekly in other to be able to withdraw faster.


3) Other agreements & partnership deals: Sometimes, depending on what you want to do on Peerwallet, like applying for the White label, Merchant request, or any other partnership request, we could manually include some holds for your account as agreed to. 


4) Security Deposit Below 20 Days: If your security deposit expiry date is getting closer to 20 days, you would start seeing some holds because the minimum expected date valuation for security deposits on Peerwallet is 30 days.



Summary: Holds generally do not hurt your account; it's just a way to secure both you and the Merchant who has integrated the payment gateway. Most times, when there are chargebacks that were lost, Merchants need to be protected also, so, with security deposits or holds, this becomes easy and safe to use Peerwallet.