When you have some funds you want to withdraw, it's available in the Market place and approved Merchants would send funds to your automated withdrawal method.





The first thing you need to do is to create a withdrawal offer and then set all details to receive payment, You would receive withdrawals to your preferred withdrawal method automatically within 24 hours. If after 24 hours, available Merchants don't process withdrawals to your payment method, Peerwallet would send you payments via Crypto (make sure you add Crypto payments as withdrawals too)




The difference between automated offer and manual offer:


AUTO: Automated offers are offers with automated payment methods already integrated into Peerwallet where you would just include your public or secret key to receive payment.


Example: Paypal, Stripe e.t.c, are automated payment methods because they have been integrated already into Peerwallet, so users can just add their API keys when setting up the offer so that when someone clicks the button to add funds, it would automatically take them to the payment gateway to make payment.




This method does not require your input, and you can receive funds to your preferred payment method anytime. So, when the user makes a payment, funds are taken from his balance and credited to the user automatically.



MANUAL: The manual offer method is the process that requires the user (sender) and the Merchant (receiver) to transfer and confirm payments via an Escrow model. This is a very old method of P2P where two people come together to exchange funds.

On Peerwallet, only approved Merchants can add a manual payment method, if you are a seller or a user who wants to receive funds, then you would need to create a withdrawal offer and select among the automated funding payment methods from here;

Among the payment methods available for the Manual offer, there are over 500+. This covers all regions, continents & Countries available in the World.



How To Set Your Withdrawal Offer:

Look at the image below for a quick guide, this link is from




Only approved merchants can create unlimited offers for both auto and manual, as a user or a seller you would be able to select from automated payment methods only. Setup this page, these links would help