If you encounter any issues with your purchase, please follow these steps for resolution:


1. Initiate Direct Contact: Start by reaching out to the seller directly to address your concerns.


2. No Resolution? Create a Ticket: If your issue persists after contacting the seller and no resolution is achieved, proceed to create a ticket. Submit your concern to our Abuse/Fraud/Report department, ensuring that you provide a comprehensive explanation. Include all relevant order details such as the PAY ID, transaction amount, purchased item, purchase source, and any other pertinent information.


3. Report on Peerwallet Platform: Our platform facilitates customer reports directly. Once submitted, we will initiate the dispute resolution process on your behalf. This process will compel the seller to either provide the item you paid for or issue a refund.


4. Avoid Chargeback: It's important to note that initiating a chargeback through the payment gateway is considered fraudulent. Peerwallet operates as a cryptocurrency platform with PWAT as the primary currency. All transactions involve the transfer of PWAT from one address to another. During checkout, you purchase PWAT from a Vendor/Merchant, and the system automatically transfers the PWAT to the seller. We have outlined the appropriate dispute resolution procedures to address any issues that may arise.


Please follow these guidelines for a fair and effective resolution process.