Peerwallet will share its revenue with you when your referred users receive funds on Peerwallet. You can make money easily from those you have referred continuously for life, you continue to earn each time they receive payments. 



How does it work?

Peerwallet only charges the receiver who is either the seller or the Merchant, and the fee is 1%, so each time they are charged for a transaction you would earn 20% from the 1% charged. The affiliate payment is in EUR and the minimum payout is 5EUR only.


How to Begin

1) First create your affiliate link, you need to choose a custom name before it can be active

2) Copy your referral link and paste it online to refer people, when they register you would see the total number of registered users from the link above

3) Track your earnings as soon as they start receiving funds on Peerwallet

4) Continue to withdraw for life!



Note: If you are receiving funds from a user who is registering on Peerwallet for the first time, you would automatically become the person's sponsor since the customer is registering on Peerwallet for the first time through your payment link, but first you must have set your affiliate link from


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