Run your Fintech Business on Peerwallet

Imagine owning a thriving fintech business without the hassle of building an entire website or managing a team. With a Peerwallet Merchant/Vendor account, you can dive into the world of financial services and reap greater profits than if you were to create your own fintech platform.

No Running Cost

Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and budget constraints. We offer a solution with zero running costs, allowing you to allocate resources where they are needed most.

We handle maintenance

Our dedicated team handles all equipment upkeep and system maintenance. Enjoy a hassle-free experience with smooth operations and minimal interruptions.

We handle support

Our experienced support team is available 24/7 to address any concerns or provide technical assistance. Focus on your core business while we handle the support side of things.

Large customer base

Join our extensive network of satisfied customers spanning various industries. Benefit from our proven track record and expertise.

How It Works

How does it work, you ask? Peerwallet is a cutting-edge Semi Decentralized Finance Marketplace, offering a wide range of solutions such as gateway payments, virtual and physical cards, bills payments, and virtual bank accounts. As an approved vendor on Peerwallet, you have the power to provide these services to users and charge custom fees, driving your profits to new heights. Let's explore the exciting solutions awaiting you:
  • Payment Gateway
  • Virtual Card Integration
  • Physical Card
  • Bills Payment
  • Virtual Bank

Payment Gateway

Peerwallet enables users to fund their cryptocurrency wallets with either crypto or fiat currencies. Users can top up their Peerwallet balance with USDT or PWAT, which can then be utilized on the Peerwallet marketplace for various purposes such as transferring to another user, purchasing a virtual card, or withdrawing to either crypto or fiat currencies. Unlike conventional P2P platforms, vendors on Peerwallet automatically sell their assets to users who wish to fund their balances.

As a vendor, if you have authorization to sell crypto through a gateway, you can integrate it into Peerwallet, allowing users to conveniently fund their accounts using your gateway. With thousands of users on Peerwallet seeking to fund their accounts using local payment methods, this integration presents a significant opportunity for vendors.
Forget the complexities of traditional payment systems. Let us show you an innovative way to boost your profits effortlessly. Here's how our gateway works:
  1. Customize Your Gateway: Seamlessly integrate your very own gateway into Peerwallet and set your desired fee. This is your chance to make your mark and stand out from the crowd.
  2. Stand Out to Sellers: Sellers who have integrated Peerwallet will instantly spot your gateway during checkout, but only if they've enabled your gateway category and meet the necessary criteria. It's all about targeting the right audience.
  3. Empower Your Customers: Imagine a customer ready to pay $10 to a specific seller. They choose to use your gateway, and at this pivotal moment, your gateway checks if the customer has at least $10 in their Peerwallet balance. It's a win-win situation.
  4. Profit Time: Once both parties meet the conditions, the customer initiates the payment. The funds are securely added to escrow. As the vendor, you receive the payment of $10, plus an additional 3.5% (you determine the rate). Watch your profits grow effortlessly.
  5. Repeat Success: The beauty of this system is that it keeps working for you. Transaction after transaction, your profits soar while you focus on what truly matters to you.
But what about security? Rest assured, the safety of vendors' funds is our utmost priority. For payment methods that can be reversed, such as card gateways, sellers are required to set a minimum security deposit of $500. This deposit ensures that sellers have enough funds to cover chargebacks when they occur. Find out how to correctly set your security deposit here.

Virtual Card Integration

Step into the Future Become a virtual card vendor on Peerwallet and expand your reach to a community eager to explore new options. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in integrating your virtual card services seamlessly.

Customers can purchase and load your virtual cards using their Peerwallet balance, and you can withdraw your funds at your convenience. By setting your own rates, loading fees, and custom fees, you have the flexibility to tailor your offering to attract customers and maximize profits.

Physical Card

Coming Soon! Stay tuned for the release of our physical card services, offering even more possibilities for your fintech business. This exciting addition will further expand your revenue streams and captivate a broader audience.

Bills Payment

Coming Soon! In the near future, Peerwallet will introduce bills payment solutions, giving you the opportunity to serve customers' diverse financial needs. Don't miss out on this upcoming feature that will solidify your position as a comprehensive fintech provider.

Virtual Bank

Coming Soon! The virtual bank feature is just around the corner, opening doors to a whole new level of financial services. Prepare to offer customers the convenience and security of virtual banking, solidifying your place as a trusted fintech leader.


Launch Your Fintech Business with Ease

Experience the thrill of running your own fintech business without the typical barriers like high capital requirements and risks. Peerwallet provides the perfect platform to bring your financial services to life.

Effortless Profits

Sit back and watch the profits roll in effortlessly. Our automated system ensures your earnings are seamlessly deposited into your preferred payment method. You'll only need a mere 10 to 30 minutes daily to monitor your thriving business.

Access to a Ready-Made Customer Base

No need to worry about finding customers—the Peerwallet community eagerly awaits your services. Plug into our existing customer base, and watch your profits soar.

Valuation and Exit Opportunities

As your Peerwallet transaction volume increases, you gain the possibility of legally exiting your vendor account. Contact us for more details on how you can unlock this opportunity.

Minimal Running Costs

Leave the support, transaction tracking, customer issue resolution, system maintenance, and feature development to us. You can focus on making sales, withdrawing funds, and growing your business without the need to hire additional staff.

Unmatched Security and System Maintenance

With Peerwallet, you can trust that your funds and account security are our utmost priority. We've invested millions of dollars to ensure the safety of your finances, freeing you from the burdens of constant maintenance.

Priority Dispute Resolution

Vendors integrating reversible payment methods are given top priority in dispute resolution, as long as the gateway's terms and conditions have been properly established. Rest assured that your interests are safeguarded in the event of any conflicts.

Simplified Finance Licensing

Applying for a finance license becomes a breeze when your services are straightforward and easily explained. Benefit from faster approvals and clear-cut compliance measures.

Exclusive Opportunity Alerts

Be the first to hear about exciting opportunities within the Peerwallet Marketplace. Stay ahead of the curve and leverage new possibilities to expand your business further.

Establish Reputation and Expand Opportunities

By processing transactions through Peerwallet, you'll build a strong reputation that attracts future investment and finance opportunities. The more you thrive, the more possibilities will come knocking at your door.


Streamlined for Your Success. To maintain your Vendor account on Peerwallet, you'll encounter the following fees:

Subscription fee

Yearly subscription
$ 100.00

Transaction fee

Per transaction
1% + $0.3


If you have a custom gateway not yet integrated into Peerwallet, our dedicated technical team will swiftly set up the integration for you. Simply submit a support ticket, and we'll handle the rest.
Remember, we're here for you every step of the way. Reach out to us through live chat or support ticket, and our knowledgeable team will provide the guidance you need.
Unleash your fintech potential with Peerwallet—a world of finance and profit awaits!
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  2. Verify your account as an individual or a company.
  3. Add funds to your account, and take advantage of our $100/year vendor account charge.
  4. Apply to become a merchant/Vendor here
  5. Once approved, access your Merchant Menu and start creating your funding offers.
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